recreation in Montana

Montana Recreation Activities

First of all Montana is known as the land of mountains, snow, friendly people and welcoming slopes without lift lines. You can choose out of 16 state’s best resorts: Big Sky, Bridger, Big Mountain, and Red Lodge, to say nothing of the dozens of other good hills. Big Sky and Bridger resorts offer the toughest double-blacks in the US. All in all Montana possesses about 14,000 acres of skiable land and more than 540 downhill runs, enough to try a new route every day for a year and half.

Montana is just as appealing to hunters as it is to skiers. Any hunting challenge you can think of can be found here. The prairies and mountains of North central Montana are abundant in mule, elk, antelope, and whitetail deer. Generations of hunters dedicated themselves to keeping hunting traditions and helped to preserve the diversity and abundance of wildlife in Montana, making it a hunters’ paradise.

One of the major Montana recreation activities is fishing. The opportunities are great including bait fishing and fly fishing. All sorts of trout, bass, pike and many more are plentiful. Fishing doesn’t stop with the snow for ice fishing is a great pastime in winter.

Almost all anglers in Montana are required to have fishing and conservation licenses. They can be obtained at sporting goods stores, angler shops, convenience stores, and many supermarkets and gas stations.

If you are ready for great cycling adventures, Montana has a lot to offer. Just choose one of the best cycling routes that range from short easy family rides to long multi-day adventures. Check your bikes and set off for the Big Sky Country. If you don’t have a bike Montana will help you out with plenty of rental facilities.

Whether you are an experienced rider or have never been on a horse back, riding is the best way to explore Montana’s backcountry and remote wilderness areas getting away from the crowds and noise. Horseback riding guides provide a wide range of offers from a one-hour ride to all-day and multi-day tours, often combined with hiking or fishing.

Whatever activity you choose, you’ll still need a place to stay at while you are in Montana. Finding the best lodging to fit your budget and expectations is easy, just contact a real estate agency and find out what they have to offer including the location and amenities. The choice ranges from vacation homes and condos to ranches and chalets.

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